It is a media company created by Joaquim Pedro de Morais Filho in 2024. The project includes the creation of a decentralized token.
The $02quest token consists of a voting system, where the user will decide to send $02quest tokens to the winning wallet. The system opens doors for auctions and electronic voting.


@02questWeb - Telegram

[...] Price Live Token $02QUEST - [ref.#2]

The users themselves will define by valid vote for the $02QUEST token in two wallets [PUT] and [CALL], where users sent $02QUEST token which possibility to go up or down, making the token gain liquidity and market value.

[ PUT ] ... [ CALL ]

Valor do Dolar: Dólar Hoje

[...] Movimentation Money by KnVest

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Contract: 0xEb0f67EA6947D99bfab1435E043FE3aBf4A02A44

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